Waynesboro Middle

wmsWelcome to the WMS Band Page!

WMS Director: Matt Walker

Email: walkerm@wcsdms.com

Intermediate Band -1st Period – 7:25 – 8:20

Advanced Band – 2nd Period – 8:33 – 9:28

5th Grade Music Class – 3rd Period – 9:31 – 10:26

Beginner Band – 4th Period – 10:29 – 11:24

Upcoming Performances:



6th Grade Beginner Videos:

Beginner Lesson – Posture, Breathing, Sizzle (for all Wind Instruments)


Beginner Flute Lesson 1 – Opening the Case & Naming the Parts

Beginner Flute Lesson 2 – How to Make a Sound!

Beginner Flute Lesson 3 – How to Put the Flute Together

Beginner Flute Lesson 4 – How to Hold the Flute

Beginner Flute Lesson 5 – First Note! D

Beginner Flute Lesson 6 – New Note (Eb) & Shark Attack!


Beginner Clarinet Lesson 1 – Opening the Case, Naming the Parts

Introduction to Reeds

Beginner Clarinet Lesson 2.1 – Assembling the Mouthpiece, Barrel, and Reed

Beginner Clarinet Lesson 2.2 – How to make a sound! (embouchure, band face, and first sound)

Beginner Clarinet Lesson 3 – How to put together (assemble) the clarinet

Beginner Clarinet Lesson 4 – How to Hold the Clarinet & Home Keys

Beginner Clarinet Lesson – The First Three Notes

Alto Sax

Alto Sax Beginner Lesson 1 – Opening the Case, Naming the Parts

Introduction to Reeds

Alto Sax Beginner Lesson 2 – How to Assemble Mouthpiece, Reed, and Neck

Alto Sax Beginner Lesson 3 – How to Put the Sax Together

Alto Sax Beginner Lesson 4  – How to Hold the Saxophone (Playing Position)

Trumpet and Trombone

Improve your Trumpet Sound! The Basics of BUZZING the Mouthpiece

Other Videos



Alto Sax





Note Naming Game: CLICK HERE

 All Grades – Practice Cards are due every Monday!

You may print one here: Practice Card

Playing Test Grading Rubric

Each playing test will be graded with the following rubric. Test yourself to see how you rate: Performance Rubric


Zombie Squirrels Cadence